A governance-based project for LuxFLAG

A governance-based project for LuxFLAG

Last autumn, LuxFLAG, the Luxembourg Finance Labelling Agency, did not only launch its new ‘climate finance label’ but also celebrated its 10th anniversary – congratulations! And in 2017, LuxFLAG will introduce its fifth label, the ‘green bond label’.

Obviously, such milestones demand an update with regards to their communication. LuxFLAG asked us to take further their idea of a new presentational clip, meant to become a cornerstone of their future public relations. What we then sought to produce was an animated clip to explain its positioning, present its labels and increase LuxFLAG’s visibility.

From the start, our key challenge and ambition was to keep the animation as simple, short and self-explaining as possible. As a result, our solution is a compact and accessible 2:30 animation video that easily replaces an otherwise 30-slide-long Power-Point presentation and, at the same time, achieves more dynamism and more visual coherence for the viewer’s experience. Most of all, however, the clip is rooted in our governance approach, as the following points illustrate:

  1. First of all, the clip expresses LuxFLAG’s mission and values, which is an effort all too often neglected or taken light-handedly, while being the starting point for any clear, transparent and efficient positioning of institutions in our ecosystem.
  2. Secondly, the clip facilitates LuxFLAG’s external governance by breaking down a complex matter into to key points easily understandable by LuxFLAG’s different stakeholder communities and potentially interested parties, from investors to finance students.
  3. Thirdly, the clip caters to the governance of LuxFLAG’s communication by putting in place a new cornerstone of its communication: a format providing a multitude of opportunities for presentations and interconnections between the newsletters, social media, seminars and other platforms – all drawing people to LuxFLAG’s website.
  4. Most importantly, however, the clip stresses the importance of independent labelling agencies in legitimately giving services or products the credibility necessary for success, in this case to investment vehicles. This holds particularly true in an environment of changing values, most notably among the so-called Millenials, and the subsequent potential for value-driven growth. LuxFLAG is now well equipped to support sustainable finance over the next years and to effectively enhance its own business development while presenting and marketing its enlarged offer of labels.





As regards our own governance at Oxygen & Partners, finally, it is worth noting that we invested the combined backgrounds of our partners in public relations and communication, finance, asset management and the fund industry as well as governance and ethics. In the same vein, this clip is a case in point for the synergy with our partner Binsfeld. While we defined the overall concept, set the strategic structure and wrote the texts, Binsfeld, one of Luxembourg’s major communication agencies, provided us with high-quality graphic design, conception and animation. This is part of our strategic positioning that we for instance strive to develop in the field of reporting as well.

The LuxFLAG project is only one example of how many complex subjects – such as the functioning of pension funds, financial education or specific financial products and services if we stay in the realm of finance – can be broken down and pedagogically explained towards multiple stakeholder communities with a variety of knowledge backgrounds in an ever more digital, faster, ephemeral and increasingly playful or intuitive world of communication.

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