Oxygen & Partners is a public relations agency specialised in communication on sensitive and crisis issues, reputation management as well as governance issues for brands, businesses and institutions.

What we do

Why O2ygen?

Its skills, expertise, network of local and international partners and its creative outlook guarantee personalised and quality service. Oxygen offers its clients a coherent and efficient approach, with an emphasis on regular interaction and training possibilities.

In today’s world, in which ethical lines of reference have become blurred and in which the mass of immediately available information continually grows, one can no longer rely on former models of predictability in communication methods nor on the feasibility of long-term strategies.

The catchwords of the 21st century’s globalized space are mobility, interconnectivity and sharing economy, and it is important to keep in step with the possibilities of capitalization of these developments, with the efficient use of new technological tools, management of inherent disruptions and the understanding of ethical expectations in your strategic environment.

In order to place oneself in this environment, you need structure, methods and space. To this end, Oxygen offers a unique combination of in-depth experience in communication and public relations and analytical, political and economic know-how on the questions of governance and ethics that the environment imposes on us - and guided by our values which are simplicity, authenticity and coherence.

This is our mission.

What we do



Just think of the latest mediatised crisis that comes to your mind…

  • Press relations
  • Crisis response
  • Issue management
  • Internal communication
  • Message training
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Where would you start fostering or protecting your reputation?

  • Media relations
  • CEO positioning
  • Community management
  • Content marketing
  • Digital media monitoring
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Which connected interests could and should you consider?

  • Stakeholder relations
  • Value positioning
  • Change management
  • Campaigning
  • Reporting
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What's new

Storytelling in modern communication

In PR, especially in the case of crisis communication, we…

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Team & Partners


Claude Sauber

Partner & Senior Consultant


Philippe Beck

Partner & Consultant


Jessika Maria Rauch

Senior PR Consultant


Fabio Afonso

Consultant & Media Writer


Alison Annicchiarico

External Consultant

Binsfeld Netcast Sociolab

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Offices:14, Place du ParcL-2313 Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 621 247 285 Tel.: + 352 621 397 951
Email: contact@oxygen.lu

Looking for internships?


Oxygen proposes internships to students and graduates. If you identify yourself with Oxygen & Partners’ positioning, bring adequate qualifications, seek to learn from our team and work while making a meaningful contribution by applying your own knowledge and perspectives in public relations, do not hesitate to submit your application and your CV.

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