You do not need to experience an unexpected, specific crisis in order to realize that your reputation could be suffering. At this moment your reputation becomes vulnerable and wide open to attacksOn top of an elaborate strategy, serious and effective management of your reputation therefore requires organization, coherence as well as the right timing and feeling.

Just as for crisis management, good preparation allows to calm fears, counter speculation, temper hysteria and manage every other possible reaction.

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Media relations

At a loss about what to do in face of ‘own’, ‘earned’ and ‘paid’ media? Dealing with a fragmented media landscape is one thing, avoiding polluting media channels altogether is another. Select your targets, tailor messages.

Not only journalists, but also bloggers, campaigners, public intellectuals and other actors may take interest in you and must be taken into account accordingly.

CEO positioning

Do you agree that if philanthropy may not be old-fashioned, then it can at least be termed as old-school? Today, CSR, corporate citizenship and related concepts matter. They require dedicated leaders in order to be meaningful and credible.

The evaluation of your managers’ social and media skills will allow for the definition of clear positions, best outlets, and to ultimately trigger spill-over effects.

Community management

Rather than gaining one-off contacts and contracts, is one of your main public relations objectives to build up a solid and sustainable network of people, partners, clients and suppliers? In the real as well as in the digital world?

Systematically inform and seek adherence from your communities of stakeholders by placing quality content in a coordinated and targeted way. Tell your story: it’s just about what is necessary in order for your community to grow organically over time.

Content marketing

In order to further develop your reputation, do you feel like you could showcase more of the competences, expertise and special skills you count among your staff, partners and network?

With the help of a network of specialised free-lancers, we produce quality content, i.e. articles, statements, press releases, publications on social media, websites, newspapers or blogs. Spread the word!

Digital media monitoring

Are you closely following a set of potentially conflictual, ongoing issues with different parties involved, that risk to break into the public realm at any time?

While it is indispensable to keep an eye on the quantity and tenor of what is being said about you, it can be just as useful to reflect on what is not being said.

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Oxygen proposes internships to students and graduates. If you identify yourself with Oxygen & Partners’ positioning, bring adequate qualifications, seek to learn from our team and work while making a meaningful contribution by applying your own knowledge and perspectives in public relations, do not hesitate to submit your application and your CV.

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