A mere glance at the newspaper will give you an idea of the diversity and omnipresence of crises, whether they be caused by incidents, accidents, revelations or other more incremental, less visible developments.

Whatever the case, one piece of information, of disinformation or a rumor might be enough to transform a difficult situation into a public affair that strains your resources and leadership.

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Press relations

Do you think you have news worth of coverage, but given the amount of news out there you are unsure whether to publish it because you lack the capacity to prepare it journalistically or to pitch it to selected media outlets?

Be it a major event or a minor update: chances are your news will both require and deserve more than stand-alone press work. How can the news be optimally spread, taking into account different media outlets and stake?

Crisis response

Bad luck strikes, and you find yourself in a situation you are not prepared for? Even with a crisis manual at hand, you hesitate to communicate, as its guidelines don’t really seem to account for the circumstances you have to deal with?

A crisis requires a fast and well-prepared response. In the heat of the moment, the gathering of information and the writing of statements demand levelheadedness, guidance and caution.

Issue management

You anticipate bad publicity, a labour dispute or even a lawsuit? In brief, an issue with potentially far-reaching consequences comes up, and you would like to prepare your sensitive communications as soon and as diligently as possible?

Preparation is key. After identifying the scope of the sensitive issue at hand, what needs to be prepared is a carefully crafted positioning, satisfying answers to sensitive questions and coordination to manage stakeholders.

Internal communication

Are your internal communication flows suboptimal, to say the least? Rifts between departments and teams grow? And your internal communication tools, grown over the years, prove to be unfit for purpose?

There are different solutions, depending on your internal governance and the scope of the matter: they may range from an optimized flow of information, to better coordinated communication tools, to a fully-fledged campaign.

Message training

A crisis response or upcoming issue might demand a public statement before the cameras and notebooks of the press? However, you lack a spokesperson, or the spokesperson lacks the experience? What helps is training to make the message clear.

Encapsulate your key message in a way that impacts, tempers, or simply addresses concerns and reproaches, and eventually serves as the thread of your whole communication.

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