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Claude Sauber

Claude Sauber

Claude Sauber has more than 25 years of experience in communication, public relations, crisis communication and reputation management, marketing, management, business development and entrepreneurship. He works in international and multicultural environments, provides strategic media relations and global communications counsel to top executives of leading corporations and institutions. He and his team of internal or external partners provide on-site media relations assistance and training. He has established a network of communications experts around the world, with independent consultants or PR agencies.

Claude is also a partner and director at Binsfeld, one of Luxembourg’s renown communication agencies whose expertise Oxygen can rely on.

He is a member of the National Public Relations Association CENARP, the Content Marketing Forum in Germany so as a past chairman of the International Public Relations Network iprn.com.

Philippe Beck

Philippe Beck

Philippe graduated in Global Governance and Ethics from University College London. Before that, he studied International Relations at the University of Geneva, European Studies at King’s College London and undertook internships at the Luxembourgish Mission to the UN in Geneva and at the European Parliament. Simultaneously to his Master’s degrees, he co-founded L-Pod Ltd, a digital marketing agency based in Luxembourg.

Throughout his formative years, Philippe developed a strong interest in para-political domains such as policy research, interest representation and digital campaigning, particularly in the fields of corporate responsibility and citizenship, sustainability standards and private, innovative forms of regulation, cooperation and networking.

In line with this, his thesis addressed the dynamics behind the living wage’s momentum in the global garment sector, led him to interview major brands, unions, campaign groups and other stakeholders, and revealed a very refined environment of media attention, public pressure and negotiated authority.

His governance approach aims for engaging, efficient and increasingly digital communication. Notions of stakeholders, responsibility and accountability will allow for the pragmatic refinement and adaptation of your public relations for the better - for the more genuine and solid.

Lena Kohnen

Lena Kohnen

Lena holds a Master’s degree in Public Relations and European Public Affairs from IHECS (Brussels). She did her internship at the public affairs agency Whyte Corporate Affairs and wrote her thesis on the effects of framing on coalition-making processes. She has working experience in the fields of city-marketing; from the development of a strategy to its implementation. She also gained experiences in the European Parliament as well as in the digital marketing company Knewledge.

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