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The links and parallels between the different services are highlighted by juxtaposing them. They may overlap, may need to go hand in hand and therefore will be subject to individually tailored estimates and packages. We take into consideration the multitude of communication channels at hand in this new environment of your stakeholders, of information and communication, whilst maintaining reactivity and simplicity.



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Press relations

Do you think you have news worth of coverage, but given the amount of news out there you are unsure whether to publish it because you lack the capacity to prepare it journalistically or to pitch it to selected media outlets?

Crisis response

Bad luck strikes, and you find yourself in a situation you are not prepared for? Even with a crisis manual at hand, you hesitate to communicate, as its guidelines don’t really seem to account for the circumstances you have to deal with?

Issue management

You anticipate bad publicity, a labour dispute or even a lawsuit? In brief, an issue with potentially far-reaching consequences comes up, and you would like to prepare your sensitive communications as soon and as diligently as possible?

Internal communication

Are your internal communication flows suboptimal, to say the least? Rifts between departments and teams grow? And your internal communication tools, grown over the years, prove to be unfit for purpose?

Message training

A crisis response or upcoming issue might demand a public statement before the cameras and notebooks of the press? However, you lack a spokesperson, or the spokesperson lacks the experience? What helps is training to make the message clear.



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Media relations

At a loss about what to do in face of ‘own’, ‘earned’ and ‘paid’ media? Dealing with a fragmented media landscape is one thing, avoiding polluting media channels altogether is another. Select your targets, tailor messages.

CEO positioning

Do you agree that if philanthropy may not be old-fashioned, then it can at least be termed as old-school? Today, CSR, corporate citizenship and related concepts matter. They require dedicated leaders in order to be meaningful and credible.

Community management

Rather than gaining one-off contacts and contracts, is one of your main public relations objectives to build up a solid and sustainable network of people, partners, clients and suppliers? In the real as well as in the digital world?

Content marketing

In order to further develop your reputation, do you feel like you could showcase more of the competences, expertise and special skills you count among your staff, partners and network?

Digital media monitoring

Are you closely following a set of potentially conflictual, ongoing issues with different parties involved, that risk to break into the public realm at any time?



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Stakeholder relations

Do you anticipate or already find yourself in a situation of increased public interest and scrutiny, with different actors, interests and expectations at play?

Value positioning

Do you seek to enhance your public responsibility? Would providing your current engagements with a coherent normative framework further strengthen your credibility and authority?

Change management

Are you managing an important change such as an evolving shareholder structure or a repositioning that is of interest to the larger public? But your task force does not yet include a public relations specialist?


Rather than a product or service, is your goal to not only give a clear understanding, but also to really pitch and create support for an idea, interest or position to interested target audiences?


Have you been observing the trends towards corporate reporting, reporting on sustainability matters and heard of integrated reporting but are put off by the effort or its yearly repetitiveness?

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Oxygen proposes internships to students and graduates. If you identify yourself with Oxygen & Partners’ positioning, bring adequate qualifications, seek to learn from our team and work while making a meaningful contribution by applying your own knowledge and perspectives in public relations, do not hesitate to submit your application and your CV.

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